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There will be an in person registration on Thursday, July 30th at North Wildwood Rec from 7-8 pm.  If you child has not played before, please bring a copy of their birth certificate with you at the time of registration.  No registrations will be completed without this document.

Registration has begun for the 2015 Fall Season.  The deadline for registration is July 31st.  Please have your forms mailed to the PO Box by the 31st.  The recreation departments on the island have the registration forms as well. 

Please note that on the registration form, the cut off date should be September 30, 2015 NOT 2014.   This was merely a typographical error. 

Here is the registration form if you want to print it out. Just a reminder that if this is the first time your child is playing, you need to provide a copy of your child's birth certificate. 

2015 soccer reg form.pdf (PDF — 103 KB)

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